Thursday, 12 March 2009

Knitting is cool again

I've been inspired by the lovely House of Spoon to start knitting again.

I've started going to a weekly craft class and everything with my friend Jenny! Jenny lent me a book called... well, I can't remember what it's called. Possibly just 'Knitting' or 'I Love Knitting' or something. But it's full of basic patterns. So I got to work on what is called a 'Silk Evening Scarf.' I didn't use silk wool, instead opted for the cheapy double knit in a cobalt blue. And since I screwed it up so many times, I wouldn't call it 'evening' either!

Here you can see the lovely Tenderheart Bear getting his model on. [What, he felt left out of the blog!]


  1. Yay for new hobbies! I think the carebare looks extra pretty with the scarf!

  2. It really brings out his eyes, eh?