Wednesday, 25 March 2009

wall hanging aren't just for castles anymore

So a little background on this one. When I was in Sri Lanka last June [June 08] on my whirlwind shortened visit [stupid plane delays :( I am still bitter!], my mum was taking me around all the important sights. You know, places like House of Fashion, Fashion Bug, Arpico, Liberty Plaza... and my favourite, Dwellings. I stepped foot into the home fashion and kitchen shop and fell in love. They had everything you could ever want and more. I could easily have lived there, for they had beds and pillows and blankets, cookware and plates, and, of course, a little rotti stand across the street so I wouldn't hunger.
I digress.
While in there, I happened upon this gorgeous wall hanging. I knew before I'd even moved into my house that it would be perfect in the stairwell. Top of the stairs, mirror at the bottom. Beautiful. It was all set out in my mind.
I left without it, but got a lovely surprise at Christmas when my mum and dad bought it for me. How spoiled am I?? It came home with me and I knew it had to go where I'd imagined for months. I bought a wooden dowel and some 'Taxi Cab Yellow' paint, and set to painting the heck out of that dowel.
As you can see, the hanging is NOT at the top of the stairs. The mirror wouldn't reflect it, the stairs were too steep... blah blah blah. So I've put it here and it's the first thing you see when you walk in the front door.
The colours are so vibrant, the patterns so beautiful. I love my little wall-hanging!

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